Vincent Ortega Jr

How The Global Resorts Network Opportunity Changed My Life And Allowed Me To Start Living The American Dream At Only 27 Years Old – By Vincent Ortega Jr.

From Failing To $50k/month In My Business? A lot of people want to know… “Why should I listen to this 27 year old kid.” So I end up having to tell my numbers and show off what I have done to “impress people.” Oh and Real quick… …the material world isn’t going to make you happy… […]

Mark Hoverson

The Global Resorts Network Vacation Membership Was The Single Greatest Purchase I’ve Made In My Entire Life – By Mark Hoverson

The first time I looked at the GRN travel membership, I felt dizzy and almost puked. Why? I was selling a different travel membership at the time, and after seeing the GRN comparisons…I knew what I was currently marketing could not hold a candle to the prices and inventory that the GRN membership offered. So, […]

vincent ortega jr

Global Resorts Network Helped Retire My Husband From Corporate America – Michelle Pescosolido

Okay not just retire my husband from Corporate America but also changed my life! I shared to Mark Hoverson about one month after joining Global Resorts Network that I wanted to retire my husband from Corporate America, be financially free, travel the world and spend more time with my family. Back then it was just […]

Brenda Gagne

How Global Resorts Network Has Allowed Me To Live A Life I Didn’t Know Was Even Possible – Brenda Gagne

If it wasn’t for Global Resorts Network, I wouldn’t be where I am today. In fact, I don’t really want to think about where I would be right now, if I hadn’t found GRN a few years ago – it’s made that much of an impact upon my life. Now to clarify one thing – […]

Rhonda Swan

The Unstoppable Family and Global Resorts Network! – This Is Why We Joined GRN Without Flinching!

Having been traveling around the world for the last 5 years as the Unstoppable Family, we’re really excited to announce our connection with Global Resorts Network. GRN offers two different price plans that allow members to access a number of luxury resorts, including 3, 4 and 5 star properties with all the amenities you can […]

crystal curtis

Three Quick Ways To Capitalize On The Mobile Economy With A “Permanent Traveler” Business – Crystal Curtis

I learned early on in an Art History class that the entertainment and leisure industry was born out of the Industrial Revolution. People were moving off their farms into the urban environment, and clocking in and out of their factories. When their shift was over, they wanted nothing more to drown out their dreary routine […]


Why Global Resorts Network Enriches Lives, Maximizes Your Earning Potential And Makes Your Wildest Dreams Achievable – By Amanda M Robertson

When it comes to writing about Global Resorts Network (GRN) it is difficult not to write a novel on how great this company is, HAHA, but I will try keep to the key facts as well as brief, without omitting the important bits. Suffice to say, through the trials and tribulations and many learning curves […]